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Rats In Winter

During winter Rats are very common in and around properties on the Northern Beaches From late April onwards as the evenings cool down rats will move into roof voids, the garage and garden sheds. A lot of people hear noises in the roof and put it down to possums when in reality its most probably rats.
I spend a fair bit of time in roof voids when I’m conducting termite inspections and nearly every roof I inspect has evidence of rat droppings in it. Rats are attracted by the warmth and constant food supply around houses feeding on cat

Termites Munching On Treated Pine

I was carrying out a Termite Inspection on a property in Killarney Heights recently when I found active Termites in timber wall studs behind the gyprock. The timber wall studs were treated pine and they had been completely eaten out just leaving a hollow shell of 2ml of timber. My client was astonished Termites would eat treated pine until I explained to them that treated pine is timber that has been inpregnated with a chemical solution usually copper,chrome & arsenic. The chemical solution doesn't penetrate all the way into the timber so when a builder cuts a wall

Pigeon Control Sydney, Pigeon Culling

Dee Why Pest Control is the leading provider of private and commercial bird control solutions, offering the most innovative and cost-efficient bird control products available in today’s market. From nesting sites to roosting areas, Dee Why Pest Control's products can be tailored to suit the needs of any business or home. We offer a complete line of bird control methods and ideal for exterior applications as well as solutions designed to battle pest problems that occur from birds in warehouse and semi-enclosed storage areas. Pest birds can be noisy, smelly, unsightly, destructive and even dangerous to

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