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Allambie Termites

Nasutitermes are not the most destructive termite found in Sydney, but over the years I have seen them cause considerable damage to propertys and fences, favouring harder timbers to other termite species which prefer softer timbers like pine and oregan.

Pantry Moths

A lot of people have problems with case moths in their kitchens, Case Moths are a stored product pest and actually come in the food you buy anything from flour,cereals,dog biscuits I've even found them in nutmeg they start off as an egg and develop into a maggoty like grub which eventually climbs up usually around the ceiling of the kitchen where they metamorphisise into a moth and the whole cycle starts again, easiest way to get rid of them go through all your package goods in your pantry even if its unopened and find

German Cockroaches in Manly

I treated an old unit in Manly this week for German Cockroaches and the place was alive with them every cupboard and electrical appliance in the kitchen was heavily infested, when I opened the cupboard under the sink you could smell an acrid stench of Cockroaches and their droppings, this place was a major health risk. During treatment I had Cockroaches running up my legs and falling on my head from the ceiling, Cockroaches running everywhere by the time I was finished there were piles of dead Cockroaches on the floor. My client was very pleased with

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