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Rats on The Northern Beaches like to keep warm in The Winter

This is the time of year  when Rats like to set up home in or near your house, after spending the warmer months running along the fence lines and foraging in gardens. Now is the time, they will be moving into roof voids, wall cavities, sub floors and garden sheds. There are two species of Rat which frequent properties,  The Norway Rat and The Roof Rat. Norway Rats are heavy set with small ears and eyes and a blunt nose, brown fur and their tail is shorter than their body and head, Roof Rats are slender, with

Termites located in Frenchs Forest

Termite mound found behind bedroom door. I recieved a call from a client last week and they told me they thought they’ve got a termite problem, so I arranged to do a termite inspection for them and was amazed to find this termite mound behind the main bedroom door. Upon further investigation in the subfloor I found the termites were well established with leads coming up from the ground and into the brick work and up into the bearers and timber wall studs behind the gyprock, fortunately for the client the termites hadn’t reached the roof void. This had all happened over a few

Paralysis Ticks

There’s been a few articles published recently in The Manly Daily about paralysis ticks, obviously living on The Northern Beaches ticks are a major problem for a lot of people, I now do tick sprays in areas where 10 years ago you never got ticks. Ticks go through four stage of development Egg-Larva-Nymph-Adult. An adult tick may lay up to 3000 eggs, the eggs are laid in moist situations usually under debris on the ground the eggs take 40-60 days to hatch.The larva are often called grass ticks and are about 1mm long and have six legs, they climb onto

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