Rats In Winter

During winter Rats are very common in and around properties on the Northern Beaches

From late April onwards as the evenings cool down rats will move into roof voids, the garage and garden sheds.

A lot of people hear noises in the roof and put it down to possums when in reality its most probably rats.

I spend a fair bit of time in roof voids when I’m conducting termite inspections and nearly every roof I inspect has evidence of rat droppings in it.

Rats are attracted by the warmth and constant food supply around houses feeding on cat and dog food and seed from bird and chook owners, macadamia nuts, snails, fruit and veg and scraps in our garbage.

When conditions are right rats can breed 4-5 times in a year with up to 8 in a litter and breeding from the age of 14 weeks they can quickly get out of hand, I treated a house in Narraweena recently and I opened the garage door and counted over 40 rats in there, neighbours next door kept chickens.

When numbers are high rats will venture inside house’s and units in their search for food raiding fruit bowels and anything left out overnight, I’ve even found rats living in the back of clients lounge suits.

When I’m working in areas of high rat activity I always wear protective clothing, you can catch rat lung disease, weil’s disease and a lot of other horrible illnesses when coming in contact with their urine and faeces, Rats can cause a lot of damage in your home chewing through timber, gyprock walls and ceilings, electrical cables and wrecking air conditioning ducting in roof voids and subfloors.20150320_114339

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