Fantastic service, friendly and willing to go the extra mile. Really appreciated Rob’s expertise and will use him again.

Kate McLoughlin

Excellent service, went the extra mile and managed to get right under our floor to places all the other “experts” said was inaccessible. Honest, friendly, professional what more could you want. Highly recommend them would not go anywhere else!

Ivan Slade

I had the self- pay pest control at a first time since I moved in 2012. I used to another pestman who was hired by Housing NSW to remove the dead rats before That company had done the worst job as ever. After the dead rotten was removed the smell lasts for months.

For Dee Why pest Control, I’m very happy with the quality. The pest man is very genuine and helpful. He cleaned up the rodent mass at my attic too. I’m a wheelchair pensioner. The pestman is very generous; he give me thoroughly fine and excellent work. He values the quality above price. He did the a very good job. I very satisfy with his job.


Udomporn C.

Excellent service, great communication, Prompt, polite, informative, went the extra mile.

Andrea Maclaren